Craftiv Product Designer

Your Gateway to Personalized Perfection! Empower your customers to elevate their shopping experience with our cutting-edge Shopify app. Craftiv Product Designer allows seamless design customization, turning everyday items into personalized masterpieces effortlessly.

Feature 01

Limitless Possibilities

From apparel to accessories and custom products, let your customers personalize a wide range of products. Our app supports various item types, making it versatile enough to cater to any business niche.

Feature 02

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with your Shopify store ensures a hassle-free setup. With just a few clicks, you can offer a personalized design feature that enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

Feature 03

Intuitive Design Tools

Our user-friendly interface empowers customers to play with designs, text, and colors effortlessly. No design skills required – anyone can create a custom masterpiece with ease.

Feature 04


With a responsive design, Craftiv Product Designer ensures a seamless experience across devices. Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, your customers can design on the go.

Feature 05

Unleash Creativity

Provide your customers with a blank canvas for their imagination. Our app allows them to upload their own designs effortlessly, turning every purchase into a unique and meaningful statement.

Feature 06

Boost Sales and Loyalty

Personalization leads to a stronger emotional connection with products. Increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business as users return to create more one-of-a-kind items.

Stand Out in the Crowded Marketplace

In a world saturated with mass-produced items, give your customers the power to stand out. Embrace individuality and offer a personalized shopping experience that goes beyond expectations.

Subscription plan
  • Product designer
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited exports
  • Premium designs
  • Free setup support

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